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I really need a tagline

For a long time, i've been looking for a very simple and easy to use GUI system for pygame. I believe that pygame is rarely the engine you use when you have to make an enormously complex game. However it excels at simpler programs.

Most GUI systems for pygame require you to use their event loop. But for me, the gui is the last thing I do. So I needed something that would just be another sprite.
With that in mind, I went about designing my own. It needed to be very simple, easy to integrate and easy to make. So I ended up with two sprite classes that would accept images, and a bunch of functions that generate images.

The first sprite class is the static class. It's ideal for labels and other static content that has no interactivity.
The second sprite class is the button class. It's identical to the static class except that it responds to mouse clicks.

JGUI has a wide variety of functions that return surfaces for the 2 sprite classes to display.